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About obikui

Mobile solutions

Every day, millions of users log into internet using their mobile devices, mainly smartphones and tablets. The mobile market is growing every day, very fast, and some business are way off the track.

The benefits of the mobile apps are very clear and simple: users can get to you anytime, anywhere. And you, as a company, can get in touch with your users instantly, there's no need to wait for the user to sit in front of the computer, or even get at home. With mobile applications you can deliver content and alerts directly on their pocket, and bring the user the benefits of being listening to you 24/7 (well, pretty much...).

The applications for iPhone and iPad are the best way you can get the user's attention. Push notifications and services to deliver the alerts are built in the iOS system, bringing also a modern and stylish interface to make your content more attractive and accessible.

Looking at the numbers, things get bigger. More than 315 million iOS-capable devices has been already sold worldwide, that's a lot! These are all the prospects you are leaving behind without an iOS app. Want to climb to the next level?

SaaS and middleware

Software administration, installation, upgrades, on-site maintenance... Want to get rid from all of these problems? SaaS is the answer.

The "Software as a Service" is one special kind of software that works (logically) on a client-server scenario. The heavy work happens on a central server managed by a third party, installed, administrated and operated transparently to you. Client side, it's accessed using a light client, like a web browser, where you can do all the interaction with your data, with a customized web interface as powerful as you want (as simple too!).

You don't have to install the software on all your computers, update one or another, why is it working here but not there?... Only open a web browser, that's it! You don't have configure anything, just an internet connection is enough.

Another main advantage of this kind of software is the easy interconnection with mobile applications. If you have your data and content on a SaaS, format and deliver this to an app is a piece of cake! Just a little middleware (an interface between two different systems, as a web server and a mobile app) and you're good to go. All the upgrades on the SaaS will become available on your browser client interface and on the app, with only a little update of the latter to enjoy the benefits.

Users can get to you anytimeanywhere. And you, as a company, can get in touch with your users instantly.

Technologies for a winning bid

Using state of the art technologies is awesome. They give us, the developers, the best, most simple but effective, way of building software, and gives you, as a customer, the infinite customization options and the confidence in terms of security, scalability and stability.

On the server side, Ruby on Rails 3 is a powerful framework with some cool features, like MVC, assets precompiling, DB migrations and insane amounts of gems for whatever you want. It also features a great view building, with SCSS and CoffeScript out-of-the-box. Looking at the integration, the REST interface makes very easy integrate Rails with iOS, WordPress or whatever you want.

Talking on the latter, WordPress is one of the top platforms for building cool sites (like this :P) and not only (but also) blogs. The power of plugins, themes and the core framework functions and hooks make this tool one of the most mature and advanced CMS on the interwebs.

Let's talk iPhone (no, I'm not talking about Siri). Objective-C over XCode brings to us lots of great technologies to make phenomenal native iOS applications. CoreData, iCloud, CoreVideo/Audio, OpenGL and many more features allow our imagination get to the infinity, and beyond!

With all these arguments, we welcome you to the obikui universe. We want you to enjoy our apps and work in general, and we are pushing every day to make good things better.

If you want you can visit our blog, where we post things we like and updates about our work. Also, if you want to say us anything, contact us, we are here to hear you!

May the force be with you...