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The WWDC is over and now we can get conclusions of what we’ve seen on the presentation from Tim Cook, Phill Schiller and many others at the Moscone Center.

After this great conference we saw yesterday, developers can see how important is to stay with Apple, and what benefits can this platform bring to the programmers, from the indie to the big companies.

Starting with the numbers, they announced that 10 billion USD has already been given to developers. This is 3 times the price that other stores gave to their developers…. combined! And 50 billion downloads, it’s insane. It’s wonderful how the first popular mobile app store has grown over the years and how the software makes the iOS environment better and better every year. The 5000 lucky developers were of course exited to be here, more when they knew the tickets sold out in 71 seconds! These numbers are good, but, as Tim Cook reiterated in several times over the conference, the most important thing is client satisfaction, #1 company in client satisfaction, awarded 9 years in a row, the first time it ever happens.

After, we’re going to do a quick review over the most important things that iOS 7 will bring us this year’s fall.

A brand new design

The biggest change since the original iPhone.

2013-06-11 22_35_02-Apple - iOS 7

This was the phrase that started the presentation, and it’s totally right. iOS 7 is a major visual change from the previous versions. Less bezel, more colors, more transparency, less skeumorphism, new typography… The hand of Jonathan Ive over the whole new system, and it looks great.

A new sub bar with relevant controls, as the brightness, switches for WiFi, plane mode…, lantern mode, music controls… All very handy and easy to access.

Also all the apps have been redesigned with a clearer layout. More white and more bright colors to the interface. Apps like Mail, Calendar, iTunes, Weather… have a major style bump and they seem like totally redesigned, top to bottom, to make the user experience even better on the new iOS.

Features like AirDrop for file sharing and the new multitasking switch view with thumbnails make this version a real “major” update for our iOS devices. And totally compatible with iPhone 4 or later.

New XCode 5




XCode is a masterpiece on the IDEs. It’s power and simplicity make developing such a pleasure, though sometimes it get’s you out of your body with some things as certificates, configuration. Well, in XCode 5, available to registered developers since yesterday, we will have to care less about configuration and more on our passion: coding. Less configuration, better testing, debugging, updated source control… Of course, updated interface editor for the new iOS 7 layout and style, speed optimization. Faster, better, this is XCode 5.

Looking underneath: the framework

2013-06-11 22_39_52-iOS 7 beta for Developers - Apple Developer

The most interesting things are normally under the hood. The vast iOS framework provide us lots of APIs and Classes to make real all we can imagine. And on the iOS 7 SDK they added some cool features:

  • UIKit Dynamics: collisions, gravity, push… a lot of real world interaction on our views.
  • New multitasking modes: never slow down your front interface with background tasks, like the new NSURL multiple download and uploads.
  • AirDrop: totally integrated on UIActivityViewController, along with the share options.
  • Improvements in all sides of the SDK in general: from Foundation to Games, iAd, Maps, MediaPlayer, CoreMotion, CoreLocation. Improving the things we use day after day.

I think this is one big step for Apple and for the developers, with better tools comes the best software and apps, and iOS 7 seems to have all we can ask for developing everyday with no hassles, no headaches, no worries.