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Is amazing how fast time flies and how some products evolve and become a reference within the sector, holding the spotlight for own merits. We’re talking about WordPress, the biggest web publishing (not only blogs) platform, turns 10 years old from its first version.

The system by Matt Mullenweg has grown constantly to be the power of the 18% of the internet sites, but most incredibly, manages more than half, 58%, the pages with a CMS.

Amazing, right? Its plugin and theme richness in addition with all the community surrounding it, make WordPress to be often referred as a PHP framework for own achievements. Hooks, filters, actions, shortcodes… Options are infinite, and improved day after day thanks to its development group and the continuous support from the community. No doubt, it’s a winning bet to make a website and today, from obikui, we toast our glasses and wish at least 10 more years of continuous success.