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Ruby on Rails is one of the most modern and widely user nowadays. Its code quality, development simplicity, security, scalability... make this tool an all-in-one in web development, in backend as well as in frontend.

ActiveRecord, MVC, CoC (Convention over Configuration), Saas, CoffeScript... all integrated and working out of the box with a minimal configuration.

This is why sites like GrouponTwitterGitHub and lots more are loyal to this development monster.

Apple mobile devices set a before and an after on the way that we see the mobile world nowadays. The communication between these devices and the outside world is made day by day using hundreds of thousands of applications available on the AppStore, that counts with more than 50 billions downloads as of today.

Companies know that to get in touch with the customers is necessary to "always be with them", whenever they need us, anywhere and as accessible as possible. Tools like push notifications, for example, are an essential part of the company-client communication, the mobile marketing is not the future, but the present.

Is it a framework? Is it a CMS? Is WordPress! The most powerful and versatile content management system that allow you to build a blog, a corporative site, an e-learning platform or a e-commerce with the greatest compatibility and flexibility you could ever imagine.

Built on top of PHP5 and MySQL, the community has forged year after year one of the most complete systems to build a web on a visual and simple way.

Tenths of thousands of plugins to make all that your mind can imagine and a similar number of themes to make your site unique all over the web. And if it does not exists... it can be done! Advantages to be 100% open source.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic - Arthur C. Clarke

The world of web interfaces cannot be understood without Javascript. Client side programming is more trendy than ever, and this is why jQuery is so important. A Javascript framework that easily allows to make multiple on-the-fly changes on pages based on complex conditions, such as touch events, mouse events, keyboard pressings... Also, in combination with its implementation for AJAX calls, make this a powerful tool for boost the web usability, a web that responds, that understands and does not desperate the user with slow, neverending page reloads.

Standards are changing constantly, they have to adapt themselves to the new web needs and the W3C has clearly stated that HTML5 is the way to go.

Its multimedia support superseeds the complex flash players, keeping the total compatibility with all the devices, desktop or mobile. Canvas, polygons and other visual elements provide the base to build graphs or drawings directly from the HTML.

Also, the new semantic tags provide a natural document reading, more human-like and, because of this, more clear for the maintenance and the improvement of the websites.

The design is the first impression that the client gets of a web. Colors, shapes, fonts... everything has to have a harmony and a eyecandy that attracts the client to the area of interest of our site. Also, a web with a great design is a sign of quality, seriousness and confidence.

CSS3 provides all the necessary tools to make a web with a brilliant design and an optimal page load, forgetting about images thanks to its vast amount of selectors that come with this version of the standard. Rounded borders, gradients, shadows, animations... A complete paint box ready to brandish.